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"Truth is born of arguments" - a beautiful humanistic motto of Locust (alias Mark Van Hoen) is a best audio illustration of pyramidal portfolio building.
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BiotechInvest credo: "Just give me a problem and I will try my best to solve it"
Each biotech company is a Challenge for investors. To solve this Challenge means to answer just one question: is this company technology/approaches/new drugs and etc. based the true scientific ideas or not? ​Each time when I want to invest money in biotech company I must to solve this Challenge. An Award for correct solving of Challenge is a big gain when this biotech company become successful. Incorrectly solved Challenge = huge losses. 
BiotechInvest has one invention for sale: 

Novel method for oral delivery of therapeutic proteins, peptides​​ and other bioactive molecules: high bioavailability, short Tmax <15-20 minutes, simple and stable pill formulations (work more effectively than ORMP insulin oral pills).
Details of invention can be provided only after a signing of ​confidentiality agreement documents. Price is negotiable. 
Attention to all who are trying to "help your website to get on first page of Google and increase the number of leads and sales you are getting from your website. Please email us back for full proposal."

This website is noncommercial, it doesn't need an increasing of number of leads, etc. Please, don't waste your time on writing "proposal e-mails" - such e-mail immediately goes to spam box.