Portfolio changed:

                                                                                                sold 1.5k FRX, bought 4.5k ISTA
                                                                                                Oct. 25th: added 4.5k ISTA
                                                                                                Oct. 26th: sold all FRX
                                                                                                Oct. 27th: BSDM is hot today, even think about to increase positions before earnings; sold all CPIX (+26% gain), transferred it in Hot Watch List
                                                                                                Oct. 28th: sold all AMLN (losses 3.5%), will buy HGSI at low
                                                                                                Nov. 1th: sold all AVNR (don't want to fight with market), will keep BSDM before earning
                                                                                                Nov. 4th: sold ISTA (losses, even after good earnings)
                                                                                                Nov. 5th: bought DCTH.
                                                                                                Nov. 8th: bought BVX
                                                                                              Nov. 10th: sold BVX, bought CLSN (cold watch list)
Nov. 12th: sold all HGSI (too high risk, read here); set sell trigger for DCTH at $10.20 limit.
                                                                                        Nov.15th: add BSDM positions at average $6.60, bought ISPH
                                                                                      Nov. 17th: bought PIP;
                                                                                    Nov. 18th: bought CLDX;
                                                                                  Nov. 19th: short MELA; added more CLDX
                                                                                  Nov. 23th: bought NEOP.OB
                                                                              Nov. 24th: sold PIP (profit); sold CLSN (losses);
                                                                            Nov. 29th: sold 50% of BSDM; bought PIP
                                                                          Nov. 30th: bought INCY and CBLI;
                                                                        Dec. 02: bought 50 contracts of HGSI Jan. 11 puts (HGSI110122P00021000);
                                                                    Dec. 03: bought HRBR;
                                                                    Dec. 07: bought CYTK; covered MELA;
                                                                  Dec.08: shorted OREX; bought CERS;
                                                                Dec.09: covered OREX;
                                                            Dec.10: bought GERN;
                                                            Dec. 14: sold BSDM;
                                                          Dec. 15: bought GNTA.OB;
                                                      Dec. 16: tomorrow I'll correct my portfolio (tax purpose). Read here.
                                                      Dec. 17: sold CLDX, CYTK, CERS, covered JAZZ (tax reason); shorted ITMN;
                                                    Dec. 21: bought DCTH;
                                                  Dec. 22: sold DCTH (losses);
                                                Dec. 23: activated $16.90 stop for INCY;
                                                Dec. 27: INCY sold at stop $16.90; shorted XOMA;
                                            Dec. 28: covered ITMN and XOMA; bought ALXA; BSDM; ISTA;
                                          Dec. 29: shorted BTX; bought SVNT;
                                        Jan. 03: sold ISPH; bought SPPI; covered BTX;
                                      Jan. 04: bought AEN; shorted XOMA;
                                    Jan. 06: bought LXRX;
                                  Jan. 07: covered XOMA; shorted OREX; sold BSDM;
                                Jan. 10: bought ILNS.OB;
                              Jan. 12: sold GERN; NEOP; AEN; ISTA; CBLI; PIP;
                            Jan. 13: sold LXRX; bought AMLN;
                          Jan. 14: sold ALXA;
                        Jan. 18: bought CERS; sold BCRX; bought NNVC; bought PBTH;
                      Jan. 19: bought OREX Feb. puts/calls
                      Jan. 20: bought SPEX;
                    Jan. 21: bought CBLI;
                  Jan. 24: added HRBR;
                  Jan. 25: sold AMLN; CERS; 2/3 of NNVC; bought ALXA;
              Jan. 26: bought LPTN; added PBTH;
            Jan. 27: sold ALXA, LPTN; bought GTHP; sold OREX Feb. puts/calls; bought GERN;
        Jan. 31: sold GTHP;
      Feb. 01: cover OREX; added SPPI; opened ALIM/PSDV positions;
    Feb. 02: bought VVUS; XNPT; sold GERN;
  Feb. 03: bought NEOP; sold NNVC; bought AEN;
Feb. 04: added HRBR.OB positions;

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