Neurotrope, Inc. (NTRP) scam
05/01/17 by BiotechInvest

So, we have new biotech scam NTRP that claim that they found new AD drug. After Ph2 trial showed very poor results NTRP CEO and his 5 employees continue to fool ​​investors and publish false promises about future Ph3 AD trial. Will not write any long story about this fraud biotech just read PRAN story and you will understand what will happen with your money if you believe NTRP CEO and invest money in this scam (>90% losses).

05/03/17 by BiotechInvest

I was waiting such reaction from management of scam biotech:​
Neurotrope Alzheimer's Trial Shows Top Line Efficacy in Hardest to Treat Patients

​​Neurotrope, with scientific vigor, showed positive, significant results from its 'Completer' group of patients, a standard in mITT analysis, comprising all those who crossed the finish line to 13 weeks of treatment. Theirs was a strong data test, not a prerequisite by FDA at Phase II, but forward-thinking in terms of validity. Dr. Susanne Wilke, CEO, told me the company purposely chose mITT/Completer metrics to show trends in increased cognition, stating they "wanted to be more rigorous". I applaud that stance, given much data today, particularly in AD, can be fraught with problems in data collection. Clinical trial AD patients are not known for their compliance (including drop-outs), but mITT/Completer methods smooth away data-gathering issues.

Bryostatin is unique because not only does it reduce the formation of toxic brain pollutants implicated in AD but also revitalizes neuronal function - it acts like a car battery jump-start to grey matter, restoring life and energy to brain components that have died or gone dormant from AD. Early proof from the Phase II study should be viewed with excitement from the AD community.

Pointing to Neurotrope's results, Maria Carrillo, Chief Science Officer of the Alzheimer's Association said even though this Phase II study was small and of short duration, "there was a trend towards improvement in memory, thinking and behavior" in a patient population hardest to treat. This was precisely Neurotrope's intent, resulting in a brave decision to test patients with advanced disease to restore synaptic health. Dr. Dean Hartley, another research heavyweight at the Association, admits there is nothing else approved that "slows down or prevents the disease." A true medical need exists and if more detailed data unveiled later this summer is good, FDA may grant its coveted Breakthrough Designation.

There is always the possibility that big trials don't produce equivalent results as smaller ones. Also, investors must better understand new trial methods - newer, in the case of Neurotrope's Phase II, mean superior. Many pharma companies are adopting this type of testing. Case in point is Biogen Inc. (BIIB), whose recent results in AD trials using mITT/Completer analysis were published in one of science's most respected journals - Nature.

Detailed results from a secondary endpoint, how AD patients perform effectively in daily living, are forthcoming. Bryostatin's future studies will be more highly-powered by virtue of a greater number of patients and more well-defined dosing ranges. In this study, improved trends in thinking and functioning were of ultimate importance and have, because of Neurotrope, become a reality.

So, as usually they can't admit simple truth that their AD drug is failed to show any significant efficacy. And they want Phase 3 trial. Well, do you remember Dimebon, Alzhemed and other AD drug that failed in Phase 3 trials? Those fake AD drugs at least showed good results in Ph2 trials. 

Question is will FDA allow NTRP to proceed with Ph3? Why not?

How wise investors can use it? As usually firstly make money on run up, then sell shares before trial release and short NTRP at high. Even right now NTRP pps is already pumped by new lies from CEO and management. Why not make such easy money: pps already growed to $10 from $7 at deep. Can even reach $12-14 range in next a few days. If they finally get an approval for Phase 3 pps can grow to $20-25 range (like AXON now). 
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