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May 12, 2011 by BiotechInvest

Today VRML news can persuaded any biotech investor to buy this small cap biotech. Before it's too late.

OVA1 Blood Test Detects Ovarian Cancer More Accurately Than Medically Accepted CA 125 Method for Evaluating Women with Ovarian Mass

The study evaluated the performance of the ACOG guidelines using the CA 125 test versus the OVA1 test in 516 women scheduled for surgery for an ovarian mass across a diverse group of primary and specialty care centers. When OVA1 was used in place of CA 125 as recommend in the guidelines, 94% of malignancies in women of all ages in the study were accurately detected compared to 77% with CA 125. In addition, OVA1 improved sensitivity in premenopausal women, accurately detecting 91% of women with ovarian cancer in fewer than 58% with CA 125.

"The high sensitivity in premenopausal women and early stage cancers is where CA 125 and the College guidelines have underperformed," wrote investigator Rachel Ware Miller, M.D., assistant professor gynecologic oncology at the University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center, in the study. "Identifying these patients for referral is valuable because many are not receiving appropriate surgical staging and treatment. An effective preoperative test, particularly for younger women and early-stage cancers, can have a favorable effect on women's health as survival is better in these populations."

94% accuracy? Indeed we have a winner today in Diagnostic Substances industry. At Market Cap: $62.13M VRML is a very probable acquisition target for any big players in DS area.

Disclosure: I opened VRML positions today at average $5.09. 

Women at high risk for ovarian cancer should have a baseline TVU combined with a blood CA-125 measurement, followed by an annual CA-125 measurement and a TVU every 2 years. The TVU should be followed up more frequently if CA-125 is found to rise significantly from one year to the next and there are no other problems that can explain the rise.

Of these women, those with a strong family history of either ovarian or breast cancer (two or more first-degree relatives have or had the disease) should begin TVU and CA-125 screening 5 years prior to the earliest age of onset in their family.

Women at Moderate Risk
Women in the moderate-risk category should discuss their individual circumstances with their doctor to determine the best course of action. Monitoring blood levels of CA-125 annually for significant elevations from one year to the next, beginning at age 40, is one logical option for these women.

Women at Low Risk
Women who are at low risk for ovarian cancer should probably not be screened with TVU, as the percentage of women screened who are likely to benefit will be very small. As with moderate-risk women, an annual CA 125 test, beginning at age 40, is a good idea.

Cost of CA-125 blood test about $60. CA125 has combined annual sales of approximately US$80 million in the U.S. i.e. 1.3M patients tested annually.

So, VRML should have all CA125 patients now. The patient list price for the OVA1 test is $650. Quest Diagnostics is excited to announce that Medicare will be covering the OVA1 test.

1.3M tests at cost $650 will give $845M

VRML cap should be >$1B at this annual sales.

There is a next conclusion in recently published paper:

"In conclusion, replacing CA 125 with the multivariate index assay improves the sensitivity and negative predictive value of the College referral guidelines while decreasing specificity and positive predictive value. Using the multivariate index assay in the College guidelines will identify more malignancies before surgery, but further study is needed to determine the effect on patient referral."

The OVA1 test (multivariate index assay) is a new multivariate diagnostic biomarker assay approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in conjunction with physician evaluation to determine whether an ovarian tumor warrants referral to a gynecologic oncologist.

May 13, 2011 (Friday) by BiotechInvest

VRML trading is extremely volatile today. May be because it's Friday, 13th :-)

I don't like day trading but VRML is a good target for this.

Good luck! Shoot, short and etcetera at will!

This game become risky: it seems like that funds are already starting VRML accumulation and if they have >50% of float they will drive this stock to >$10 pps easy.  So, wait this, catch the wave and enjoy the ride.

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